A Boutique Marketing Agency

We are a boutique marketing agency, specializing in Social Media & Latino/MultiCultural Engagement


At Beehive, we do cool stuff with great companies. Stuff like marketing strategy, ethnographies, digital & social campaigns, social media consulting and engagement, grassroots marketing, program design, digital content creation, websites, promotions, print, and yes . . . even video production.

our approach

The world has changed.  People aren’t demos – they don’t neatly identify as their age, gender and color, and never have! Circles of affinity (hives) are what dominate, and people usually participate in multiple circles. Whether you’re targeting Latino, Asian, Gay or Hipster-Geek . . . you’ve got to relate to your audience according to their unique lifestyle.


Put simply, we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach.  Each marketing challenge is unique, and so should be its strategy.  We work with companies large and small to create bespoke marketing solutions, custom crafted just for them.

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